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Zen Road

Welcome to the web page of the Sangha Sans Demeure, an international group of friends and disciples of the monk Rei Ryu Philippe Coupey.

Philippe Coupey met Zen master Taisen Deshimaru in 1972 and followed him as a close disciple until Deshimaru’s death in 1982.

To date , he is one of the principle masters of Zen in Europe in the Soto tradition: Shikantaza - just sitting, without trying to obtain a specific outcome.

In the spirit of Deshimaru and his master Kodo Sawaki, we practice zazen in every-day life, in cities as well as in rural areas.


Zazen ?

Zazen is the actualization of awakening in the seated position: this position is stable and balanced, the spine is vertical and the head straight on the shoulders.
The expiration is deep and long; one always comes back to the present moment.
Zazen is not fixed but transforms on the instant: it remains new and unknown; always to be rediscovered.

Read more on this subject in: Journey to the center of the Earth.
What are we talking about in Zen? A question of Mind.



We practice in dojos and zazen groups, which form where people want to practice together. For example in Paris ,Berlin, Norwich, Lille, Rouen or Hamburg; see Zen groups.
Sesshin, days of intensive zazen-practice, take place both regionally and internationally.

Our organization is built on volunteers,

and grounded in the transmission of experience through exchange,

both individually and administratively.

It is constantly evolving.

It is of primordial importance to us that in these groups and during sesshin authentic Zen is practiced