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philippe coupeyPhilippe Rei Ryu Coupey, Zen monk, is a Zen teacher in Europe in the Sōtō tradition, a lineage that is transmitted directly from master to disciple and whose practice is shikantaza, simply sitting, without goal or profit-seeking mind.

After finishing his studies in literature, he met Master Deshimaru in Paris in 1972, became one of his close disciples and, working on his transcriptions and teachings, followed Deshimaru until the latter's death in 1982. He continues to work and teach within the International Zen Association (Association Zen Internationale or A.Z.I.).

He is the teacher and spiritual referent for around thirty dojos in France, Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

Rei Ryu Coupey continues to practice and teach Zazen at the Paris Zen Dojo, where he is Vice-President, and at the Seine Zen group in Paris, as well as at numerous sesshin (intense periods of zazen practice) in France and Germany, organized by his disciples in the Sangha Sans Demeure.