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No dwelling place - Sans Demeure


In the Soto Zen tradition the practice of sitting meditation "without object" ie zazen, constitutes the essence of zen.


This practice is in itself the actualization of awakening to the full dimension of our lives. It can not therefore be limited by searching for any purpose or benefit.


Thus, in our school, spiritual commitments, such as ordinations, teaching responsibilities, etc ... are not granted definitively but need to be constantly updated by the practice within the sangha (community of practitioners).


This is what is called in the Buddhist tradition, using the three treasures - Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.


In line with the spirit of Master Deshimaru and his master Kodo Sawaki, we practice zazen within our everyday social and professional lives and those who teach are volunteers.


We are part of the International Zen Association founded by Master Deshimaru and we are organized administratively into a federation of many "dojo" (places of practice) in several countries in Europe.


Thus the Sangha Sans Demeure has chosen not to build a temple but to carry on the tradition of 'no fixed abode', organizing the practice in various temporary halls.


Furthermore, in order to promote communication and organization of joint sesshins among all former disciples of Master Deshimaru, we are developing a project to create a larger meeting platform called "Zen Simply Sitting.."