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Don’t know where to go? A sitemap offers a quick overview of the structure of a website. Simple links can take you immediately to all parts of the site.

takes you back to the English, French or German language Home page. Clicking here has the same effect as clicking on the large Zen Road logo at the top left.
about us
this explains who we are, what “Zen Road” is and gives a brief introduction to Zen, Zazen, Master Deshimaru and Philippe Coupey. The Sangha Sans Demeure is presented. Copyright notice.
zen teachings
written texts, transcripts of lectures and kusens (oral teachings), and anything else that might constitute “teaching” can be found here.
essays, opinions and interviews, not necessarily about Zen, appearing from time to time.
this is a calendar of dates of Sesshins by Philippe Coupey and other monks and nuns. Sesshin flyers and e-mail addresses for registration can be found here. A Travel Fund (fr. Caisse Voyage) which exists to help practitioners with limited financial resources.
artwork, photography, poems by our friends.
reviews and summaries of books by Philippe Coupey and other writers, Zen and otherwise, with details on how to order.
weekly kusen by Philippe Coupey are currently being sent to subscribers via e-mail. These kusen are now also available directly on the website. If you subscribe, you will receive a login-name and password which are required to access the “Subscriptions” part of the site. Here, you can read or print Philippe’s most recent kusen and access archives of previous ones.
where to sit
links to websites of the dojos supporting Zen Road. Addresses, zazen timetables.
related Zen links.

the page footer

At the bottom of every page, next to the copyright notice, the following five links take you to some informational pages about how to use the website:

link to the site administration section. This is restricted to authorized site administrators and is available only in English. The admin pages appear in a different colour scheme to remind of their special nature.
link to a page describing the accessibility of the site to the disabled, with a list of the accesskeys defined.
link to the current page.
imprint and disclaimer.
technical details about the website design, how to print a page, enabling cookies for the kusen subscriptions and a word of thanks.