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Françoise Lesage (12)
Françoise Lesage

Françoise Lesage, calligraphie et sumi-e

Françoise Lesage est nonne zen,  responsable du dojo du Tremblay-sur-Mauldre dans la région parisienne." Il y a dix ans , elle a commencé l'apprentissage de la peinture sumi-e et poursuit depuis ses recherches sur la voie de l'encre et du pinceau, incluant maintenant le travail sur l'écriture des kanji.  "Elle  fait aussi des calligraphies pour les ordinations des futurs moines, nonnes et bodhisattvas."

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Guy Faure (10)
Guy Faure

Guy Faure


also known as Guyseika is practicing with Philippe Coupey since 1998 and in the dojo of Nantes since 2005. He paints, draws, writes, but the drawings you will find on this site are done in ink and watercolor on handmade paper (usual format 20X30cm)



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Alain Poret (8)
Alain Poret

Alain Poret

Alain Poret began painting sumi-e twenty years ago, at the same time that he was beginning zen practice.

At first he painted naturalistically before turning towards more imaginary or abstract subjects. He takes part in exhibitions and also work with schools.

Alain Poret, zen monk, is responsible for the Dojo in Cergy, Paris region.


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Juliette Heymann (20)
Juliette Heymann

Juliette Heymann

Avec sa nouvelle série photographique « Luminescences »,

Juliette Heymann , nonne zen de Paris,

nous propose ses instantanés photographiques –

ou plutôt : études « photo-graphiques »…

— surgissant du cœur de la nuit en sémaphores

urbaines surprenantes et improbables.

Voir des informationes supplementaires sur

le travail de Juliette Heymann.



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Alain Nahmias (6)
Alain Nahmias

Alain Nahmias, a singular artist


Born in Paris in 1959, Alain Nahmias has been established since the 1990s as a captivating figure of Art Singulier in France. Self-taught, enthusiast of Art Brut, he puts together from one exhibition to the next an imaginary gallery following the current of his forays into our “global village”, reinterpreting Native American, African or Inuit cultures through his vegetable matter sculptures. Over time he has put everything to use to this end: scraps of fabric both plain and ornate, fur, crow and ostrich feathers, rusty nails or bones unearthed from the garbage bins of our cities; painted wood or branches riddled with woodworm; raffia or dried sunflowers.


For the last 15 years he has ceaselessly wanted to plunge into the original sources of art in this way, to reach what he calls the “delta of shamanism”. At this act of birth in the prehistoric caves, the first “works of art” were brought forth in a state of trance in order, as we know today, to subdue the supernatural forces that more or less governed our lives.


Far from the turbulence of contemporary art that is at times fleeting or futile, the timeless sculptures of Alain Nahmias thus seem to traverse the ages to retrieve for us the primitive echoes of an “art” whose spiritual and cultural necessities remain forever buried in our collective memory.


The work of Alain Nahmias reveals a contemporary return to sources, at once humble and salutary …


Alain Nahmias practices zazen in the Paris Dojo.


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